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Your digital space to connect face-to-face in a fun & more natural way. Topia combines playful world-building & encrypted video chat. Create your own worlds, customize endlessly, host 10k+ people at once, buy/sell art, earn commissions, and more. It works on every device & browser.

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A web application that combines a mind map, outline, and table to gather, organize, and share complex ideas.

  • Established and maintain engineering guidelines and development workflow including version control, continuous integration, pipeline config, and code review practices.

  • Delivered a PostgreSQL version-controlled database with secure production level RESTful API using Node.

  • Maintained approximately 80% server and client automated test coverage with Jest and React Testing Library.

  • Architected and contributed to a rapidly expanding client-side React feature set with modular context state management.

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A camping and backpacking tool for helping adventurers organize gear, plan trips, and inviting friends to collaborate.

  • Established NextJS/TypeScript serverless graphQL application architecture with an emphasis on expandability and maintainability for a small engineering team.
  • Implemented a Docker based CI/CD pipeline with local and cloud automation coverage for seamless development workflow and application stability.

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